To seamlessly integrate the youth in the process of nation-building through a proactive, inclusive and cohesive network.


Young Inspirators Network (YIN) is a voluntary alliance of young citizens striving for positive change within their individual, professional and societal spheres. YIN aims to create a spirited and unified platform that inspires and engages the youth to participate in the critical process of nation-building.

The unique promise of YIN is to integrate the youth as a dynamic force in nation transformation, ensuring direct outcome through tangible results.


Grow your idea. Or help an idea grow. Either way, deliver lasting change.

Young India’s got talent, energy and goals. At YIN – the pioneeringly unique Young Inspirators’ Network – we add the tailwind of mentorship, connections and collaborations to turn them into powerful engines of personal, professional and social change. Through outreach programs and multi-dimensional projects carried out across the life-cycle of the youth, YIN builds personality, triggers leadership, develops competency, fans ideas, rewards enterprise and connects grass-root initiatives with the boardroom and beyond – to integrate young India into dynamic pillars of national transformation. Each successful mission at YIN – apart from revolutionizing lives and livelihoods – leaves behind footprints of learnings that, in time, evolve into tested, iterable and sustainable pathways of holistic development.

It is an auto-fuelling loop of progress that breeds actionable answers on some of the most pressing needs of the day, mobilizes the energy and goodwill to initiate implementation & adoption, and brings in the heft of influencers, institutions and the industry to convert them into reality.

A snapshot of how YIN institutionalizes the youth in the process of nation-building – cohesively, inclusively and systematically.

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