Nagpur University has always had a litter problem. We came up with the idea to install bamboo litter boxes around campus - and to have them produced by people who needed jobs in Melghat. They got a new source of income, and we got a cleaner campus. The Young Inspirators Network helped us understand how to make change happen.

Arjun Mehta

“Delivering Change Foundation stood by me when I worked to organize a Tanishka women’s forum in my village. We ‘ve woked hard to develop new ways to create a more sustainable water supply - and help our community survive during severe droughts. I never thought I could lead something that made such a difference for people now I know I can.”

Lata Gandharva

“Traffic safety, especially on scooters, is a big issue on our campus. The young Inspirators Network helped us connect with other college leaders and learn how to plan and create a safety campaign. Now we see more helmets in use on campus all the time. I feel safer, and I’ve learned leadership skills I will carry with me forever.”

Mansi Avchat

“Traffic in Pune is legendary. I never thought there could be an answer. DCF’s Pune Bus Day brought our city together-the people, the police and even officials from opposing political parties- to show we could change. People left their cars and scooters at home and took the bus. My route across town usually takes almost an hour, but on Pune Bus Day it took hust 10 minutes. It was nothing short of a miracle.”

Prabhakar Subramani

"The Water Lab brought government and community leaders together to work on water conservation in Maharashtra. It was the first time we really worked together, and the first time we were all able to speak openly- even to senior leaders. Since then, not only have 33 of our initiatives been adopted by the government, but I've also been put in charge of implementing them in my department. DCF helped us make it happen."

Nishikant Ratnalikar

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