Skilling and Education

At AP Globale, we believe that education promotes good governance by giving citizens the skills and confidence to become active members of their societies.

Aligning with what the leaders of our country are propagating, we believe in training and cross-skilling our citizens. The aim and the goal are not just to enable them to prosper within their confines, their societies or their own country, but make a difference at an international level. The key here is to create global citizens and global leaders if possible as they could address global or local challenges such as climate change and inequality. We aim to develop a workforce of people who understand enough to recognize the problem and push their society to act.

We visualize, and we understand at APG, that through the means of education and skilling, empowerment is possible. This is further directly linked to prosperity and an improvement in the quality of life of the citizens of this country. We also foresee, that by bringing in reforms in the education and skilling sector, we could make a difference in active transformation of our society.

Impact Fund

For all the large-scale transformation and innovation programs that we have undertaken, one of the keys to drive them is funds. This calls for investment that can be generated from within the various pillars of the society.

At AP Globale, we have actively raised impact funds in India for the development of farming, education, skilling, and entrepreneurship to keep the spirit of development alive in the society. We appreciate the impact investors who have been relatively active in accelerating funds and their efforts to boost the social growth.

Our further objective is to distribute these funds in core sectors to ensure a proper balance of demand and supply, feed the gaps which exist and help create an ecosystem to drive major programs.


We believe that the role of media has evolved from being an advocate of social causes to being the facilitator or the agent of social change itself.  The media is now a medium of public education and social change. Through our media, we try our best to positively contribute to our society by creating and curating purposeful content for Print, TV and Digital with a strong focus on solution-based journalism.


Nations are trying to bridge the gap that exists between the fortunate and less fortunate in the world at many levels, such as gender, economics, health, education, etc. It is now accepted that the current systems and policies in governance have severe limitations. Palladium and AP Globale have created a joint venture in India to implement their shared vision of delivering positive social impact in the country.

Palladium India, the joint venture, works with governments, businesses and civil society to tackle the needs of communities across the country and identify sustainable solutions to meet these needs.

Palladium India along with credible partners has the solution to bridge this gap through mobilizing and connecting the grassroots to boardrooms, thereby transforming society in a speedy manner, which is sustainable, scalable and replicable globally.

Community Transformations

Community Transformation is one of the major initiatives at APG. To conceptualize and deliver this initiative, we believe in generating awareness, fostering and building strong partnerships and commit ourselves to public service. We want to invite and incorporate the active participation of the global citizens of our societies to ensure that our initiative on Community Transformation can make real progress. APG has a robust ecosystem of various Foundations and Networks. Through this, we foster public awareness and help meet urgent community needs.

At APG, we aim to drive and deliver tangible and sustainable solutions to problems in the areas of Agricultural Development, Water & Sanitation, Nutrition, Education, Healthcare and Women Empowerment. The intent and the objective is to bring significant change in a distressed community. Through Community Transformation, we model and assist with funds for natural calamities, vocational training, youth and women’s development programs.

Events & Culture

We produce conferences, forums, and festivals by bringing together people from across the world to translate good ideas into real results on the ground. All of our formats are purpose driven.

Special Projects

Special Projects are those special initiatives which are undertaken keeping in mind challenges that exist in society for which conventional solutions are not the norm. For this, we create unique solutions to overcome these challenges.

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