Sakal Social Foundation


We envision a planet where happiness is nurtured by fulfilling the necessities in every sphere of human life.


We engage, inspire and enrich individuals, with values, joy and an enhanced quality of life to become productive citizens, ethical leaders and positive contributors to our community, country, and Global society.


Constantly Collaborating: We collaborate across geographies, organizations, and various levels to achieve excellence for well-rounded development.

Always Accountable: We are an ethical, transparent and accountable organization that manages the stakeholder expectations and financial integrity.

Best & Brightest: By employing highly competent and energetic employees with varying backgrounds, cultures and ideas and by optimizing team spirit, we are building a dynamic high-performance organization that delivers quality.

Listen & Learn: By taking the time to understand, respect and respond to stakeholder’s evolving needs, we ensure strong relationships and positive outcomes.

Inherently Innovative:  We are energized by development of new solutions that improve social wellbeing and cater to beneficiary needs.

Having Fun: We work with passion, act professionally and have FUN while we are doing it.


The principal aim of the trust is to carry on charitable and social activities conducive to the secular character of the Indian Nation and the advancement of national integrity, patriotism, and upliftment of the society at large.

Objectives of the Sakal Social Foundation:

To carry on activities helpful to society in general and any individual or individuals, particularly in the field of education, medical,  natural calamities and social awareness.

To hold conferences, meetings, seminars, and discussions on different and current social subjects.

To organize public lectures, study camps, campaigns to raise awareness, discussions, meetings, seminars, conferences, training sessions, exhibitions, etc. to undertake research on important issues related to upliftment of poor and needy.

Prevention of AIDS and other related diseases, economic and social empowerment, child labour etc. are some other areas being looked into by this foundation.

To carry out development programmes in the rural and urban areas and collaborate with Government, Semi-Government and Non-Government organizations to provide financial help to needy people.

To help other organizations run smoothly who are involved in the social welfare activities. To conduct free courses, seminars, lectures etc. in the field of research and education.

To promote and encourage  literacy. To run activities of Education, Medical, Cultural, Sports, Arts, Patriotism, Media sector study etc.


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