Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) along with Vital Capital developed the “Agrowon Smart Village” (ASV) model. ASV is an innovative rural settlement concept with unique economic and social characteristics. The ASV project will provide the tools, know-how, and infrastructure needed to make the agricultural business vibrant and thriving, giving a significant boost to the local economy and thus enabling farmers to live their lives with dignity, leading them to prosperity.

Agrowon is the world’s first ever daily on Agriculture, a 16-page tabloid with eight editions with the objective of equipping farmers with factual information and the latest technology, to make them globally competitive. It continuously conducts study tours for farmers to European countries and Israel to help them learn the best techniques and practices in agriculture and replicate them in the state. These modern technologies are adopted by farmers and have shown better results. The extent of adoption has not scaled up as desired by the Group and can be found in limited pockets in the state. To demonstrate the impact of big scale project, the Group decided to go for collective farming with modern technology in an identified cluster of villages, making it sustainable too.

The ASV project will transform villages and give a significant boost to their economy and thus enable farmers to live their lives with dignity and honor, leading them to the path of prosperity.

The project will enable farmers to:

  • Achieve higher yields at a higher quality
  • Receive better prices for their produce
  • Substantially improve the financial status of farmers and provide better living Conditions for their families
  • Generate new job opportunities involving new technologies and additional service positions to cater for increased production at the farm level
  • Mitigate unemployment in the villages and their surroundings, and
  • Bring about an increase in the standards of living from a social aspect and economically via a boost in the value of real estate.

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