What We Do

A Unique Model for Nation Transformation

ABOUT- A unique model for Nation development.
IMPACT- Results in the transformation of the entire nation and the world itself.

Setting up a Nation Transformation Office under Head of Governments’ / Head of State office which delivers the following:

DCF (Delivering Change Foundation) uses the following multi pronged approach towards Nation Transformation -

  • Multi-Stakeholder consensus based Planning

    Government, business, NGOs, academia and society at large participate in our multi-stakeholder consensus based planning mechanism. The entire mechanism is done through a formal framework called LAB and delivers BIG & FAST RESULTS (BFR) for State or Country in a 3-5 year period. The multi-stakeholder planning process results in convergence planning of several ‘entry point projects’.

  • Setting up a Delivery Management Office

    Delivery Management Office is the implementation office for the projects identified through the multi-stakeholder planning mechanism. This office works under the direct supervision of the Head of State but functions independently.

  • Performance Monitoring & Tracking along with Problem Solving Support Implementation

    Monitoring and tracking is critical in evaluating the performance of the various projects under implementation. This process allows the Nation Transformation Office to understand efficacy of the projects planned, their efficient implementation framework, control project cost and time overruns and assure their timely delivery. The process of continuous monitoring and evaluations allows identification of bottlenecks and other implementation hurdles throughout the entire implementation cycle. Dedicated resources with the right tools are always at hand to solve such problems and issues before they spiral out of control.

  • Platform for raising Private & International Project Finance

    Revenue receipts alone are not sufficient to implement projects identified and hence a transparent and professional platform for raising private and international project finance is put in place. This allows the smooth funding of multiple projects across multiple sectors at the same time.

  • Emotional Connect Program & Social Audit

    Our on-ground community networks ensure grassroots level outreach from the multi-stakeholder planning stage all the way to monitoring and evaluation of the projects implemented by the Nation Transformation Office. Detailed social audits through reputed global, third party agencies are carried out to get an accurate picture of the resulting impact of transformation.