What We Do

Emotional Connect Program

ABOUT- To identify and highlight critical issues along with successful implementaion, monitoring and evalutaion of the desired impact for various programs.
IMPACT- Successful implementation of initiatives such as Pune Bus Day, Sarva Jal Abhiyan and Maharashtra’s Expcetations.

Our distinctive and unique approach to achieving transformation is the inclusion of our two robust community networks. Tanishka Women’s Network (110,000 members and growing) and Youth Inspirators Network (4,500 members and growing). These community networks help our foundation align on-ground stakeholder participation and support through the entire process from planning to implementation. This is a sustainable mechanism that also involves on-ground support during monitoring and evaluation.

Emotional Connect Program Integration in the Delivering Change Program facilitates the following key actions
  • Initial outreach that highlights relevance of issues and identification of critical issue
  • Ensures inclusiveness by soliciting equitable community level participation stakeholders
  • Building consensus on the priority areas and viable solutions with all stakeholders
  • Assures political and social alignment for the solutions framework
  • Removing implementation hurdles and assuring efficient implementation through the special engagement programs for women and youth which cover a majority of our demographic.
  • Ensuring accountability and transparency through a process of sustained on-ground monitoring and evaluation of the desired impact
  • Reduces and mitigates financing risk and encourages impact investments