Case Studies

ABOUT- Building Community Networks to embody the power of a structured, aligned and unified action.
IMPACT- Significant advances made in areas such as Land rights, Health, Local Governance, Environment & Security amongst others.

Tanishka Foundation

Case Study 1

Building Community Networks: Tanishka Foundation (

Grassroots level transformations through the development of Women Community Network

- Tanishka Foundation

Grassroots level transformations - There have been over 5,000 transformation
initiatives since our inception. Various issues which made women feel vulnerable
were addressed by the Tanishka Foundation members. The forums have demonstrated that
when women unite for a cause that concerns their immediate community or administrative
division they disrupt existing structures, break all barriers and innovate to find
solutions which are transformative. The key areas under which we have seen some
of the highest impact are aligned with issues that are universal to most countries
in the developing world.  

Land rights - The most critical area for creating economic mobility
for women. Several Tanishka Foundation groups have pursued and achieved great success
in getting women their rights to land by making sure there are mutation entries
in their name in the local administrative offices.

Health - There are several Tanishka Foundations in the marginalised, minority
or economically backward areas. In these areas health  and hygiene are critical
components to a women’s well being and often a big issue due to poor infrastructure
or connectivity. By conducting health check-ups, awareness drives, creating access
to mobile medical facilities they have helped women gain access.

Empowerment - A universal construct for all things that have helped
women build resilience and reduce their vulnerability. Projects including women
making microcosmic changes to local governance structures, taking up local initiatives
to bridge systemic gaps are indeed empowering and inspiring coming from those forums.

Environment - Resilience against issue arising out of environment
climate change, natural hazards, poor governance and poor infrastructure lead to
transformative initiatives in areas such as cleaning rivers, developing check dams,
advocating water issues and the like. Environment is a universal impediment to development
and any initiatives in that direction become empowering for other groups in the
network especially those with similar or worse challenges.

Security - Crimes against women at the intra-household level and at the
extra-household level are very critical issues that needed to be addressed in India.
The gender inequality index and the patriarchal social structure make women vulnerable
to issues such as domestic violence, crimes and atrocities against women and their
children. The stories and episodes go unreported due to fear of being marginalised
or mistreated. The Tanishka Foundation has demonstrated that this can be addressed via alignment with the law and order machinery and empowering and supporting women undergoing such strife.