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Oct 2014

9:47 pm UTC

Diwali has always been associated with firecrackers. Children often like firecrackers of different types and the ones that make a loud noise. Though these crackers bring joy to children, it leads to pollution. Air pollution is the leading cause of depletion of the ozone layer. Awareness regarding this has been created for the last seven to eight years and many people have started celebrating #E-Diwali. However, this initiative still needs more support from citizens. Children can enjoy #E-Diwali on laptops and desktops like they enjoy games, this will help in reducing pollution. The Young Inspirators Network (#YIN) and Rotary members from Aurangabad have come up with a plan to tackle this issue.

Pollution is a very grave problem these days. RAW is working to resolve this issue and working with Rotarians from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, YIN members will also be a part of this. Hardik Gupta and Khushbu Bramhankar have also extended their support for this project.
@Sagar Kharade, Project head, RAW

Rotarian Aid Work (#RAW) is working for #saveenvironment and #YIN members will work for the project ‘Keep the sky blue’. Both projects will work towards a pollution-free Diwali. Awareness will be created with posters, videos on social networking sites. YIN members have already started working on it. #YIN members will be visiting students of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University and various other colleges in Aurangabad and spread awareness through street plays. These members will also ask students to light more lamps instead of burning firecrackers.

Celebrating #E-Diwali is the need of the hour. We use various messaging applications to send messages but hesitate to celebrate #E-Diwali. #E-Diwali can be enjoyed by the family. We had also created awareness amongst students, which has yielded good results in the recent past and many people avoided buying crackers.
@Dilip Yardi, Environmentalist

We have some duty towards the society and this initiative is the right platform to perform this duty. We are now part of Sagar Kharade’s initiative where we will spread awareness about a pollution-free Diwali.
@Pratik Mane

#YIN and #RAW are implementing this initiative of spreading awareness. Firecrackers cause air and noise pollution. We should avoid this and take efforts to keep the sky blue. Everyone should participate in such initiatives.
@Sweta Mangrule

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