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Jan 2017

9:42 am UTC

Abhijit Pawar,
Founder Chairman, DCF Advisory Services, Managing Director of Sakal Media Group

Abhijit Pawar (born on February 17, 1972) is the Founder and Chairman of the Delivering Change Forum (DCF). Pawar is the Chairman of DCF Advisory Services. It is a young and growing advisory firm headquartered in Mumbai, India, which has created a niche for itself through its unique approach of result-oriented planning and helping governments deliver socio-economic transformation. It is equipped to provide end-to-end strategy consulting and execution planning services to apex government offices at the village, city, state and national levels across sectors of social relevance as well as economic purposes.

Pawar is also Managing Director of Sakal Media Group (SMG), one of the largest privately owned media companies in Maharashtra. Today, SMG’s daily Marathi newspaper, Sakal, is the number one daily in the country. In 2005, he launched Agrowon, the first ever daily in India devoted to agriculture. This daily started the movement to support farmers in their initiatives and contributed to the development of agriculture in Maharashtra. Agrowon caters to the micro information needs and education of farmers.

In partnership with Vital Capital, the largest Impact Investment Fund in the world, Abhijit Pawar has launched a joint impact investment fund in India. The fund was launched in December 2016 and it will target the development of Smart Villages in Maharashtra.

The Delivering Smart Villages Project will be implemented in select villages in Maharashtra, in association with companies from Israel. This is a unique project, enabling farmers to live their lives with dignity and honour, leading them to the path of prosperity and connecting them to the modern world.

Abhijit Pawar is Founder of the Sakal International Learning Centre (SILC) which has been specifically created to impart employable and skill-based training that replaces regular pedagogy and offers several short, medium and long-term courses in various areas such as agriculture, IT, entrepreneurship, governance and many more.

Abhijit Pawar is the Founder and Chairman of the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF), an independent organisation that partners with governments and communities to accomplish nation’s transformation. The unique promise of DCF is to align the boardroom policy with grassroots by advancing the trilogy of emotional connect, intensive planning and absolute execution.

Abhijit Pawar has provided a platform for the youth (in the age group of 18 to 24) to collaboratively network with each other on a ‘project initiative based model’ thereby actively influencing policy formation and implementation via the Young Inspirators Network (YIN). YIN is the first youth network to elect a shadow ministry which is successfully working along with the current government of Maharashtra to solve pressing issues on the ground. This network has a membership base of 1.6 million students.

Abhijit Pawar has created the Tanishka Foundation to promote the dignity and security of women in Maharashtra. Any woman irrespective of her class, caste and in the age group of 24 to 65 years can be a member of Tanishka Foundation. It is an independent, inclusive and enabling network that helps women in the creation of forum of 20 members each, which are trained and empowered to run community-level projects.

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