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Aug 2014

8:48 am UTC

The campaign to make Maharashtra water prosperous has reached a decisive stage. A 45-day intense Water Lab held in Mumbai has studied the existing water situation in the State threadbare; scientifically inspected the remedial measures and prepared an action plan for effective implementation.
If this were to be implemented, the dream of making Maharashtra ‘water self reliant’ will be achieved within five years. There is a need to take these programmes to people and to persistently insist on its implementation!
The Sakal Media Group has organised the Jal Dindi during the Ganesh festival celebrations as the first step in this direction. Sarva Jal Abhiyan (SJA) is an endeavor, supported by the Sakal Media Group, with one holistic and inclusive aim—Water for All.
In a nutshell, the campaign creates, facilitates and implements a public action platform that enables the realization of water being available to everyone, regardless of economic strata or geographic placement.
Sarva Jal Abhiyan reinforces a very basic virtue about one of nature’s most pristine offering i.e. Water is Wealth! Everyone needs to accumulate, safeguard and maximize this resource, as one would do with personal monetary resources. To cut a long story short—
Water is Wealth! Value It. Preserve It. Enhance It.
Sarva Jal Abhiyan would reach out to the larger population of Maharashtra, as a driver of change.
Besides government, corporate and voluntary stakeholders, Sarva Jal Abhiyan puts the power and the onus of bringing about change in the hands of the common people themselves, who would be the key drivers of this initiative.
The Sakal Media Group to lead the initiative in transforming Maharashtra to be water prosperous.
Partnership with the Planning Commission of India and PEMANDU from Malaysia.
Water Lab organised in Mumbai with participation of all stakeholders.related to water.
32 actionable initiatives have been identified in the Water Lab to make Maharashtra water positive in five years.
The Jal Dindi has been planned to communicate solutions to people all over the State.
The Jal Dindi is expected to bring the people together to make the State, water positive.
The Jal Dindi will culminate with an ‘Open Day’ which will be organised in Mumbai on September 5. There will be debate on the drought-free programme prepared at the Mumbai Water Lab. Common people, water experts and bureaucrats will participate in this discussion.

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