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Dec 2014

3:45 pm UTC

Mexico: To promote socio-economic transformation through women, giving them a place of honour and respect, is the aim of Tanishka Forum Mexico, a social program initiated via The Women’s Project Foundation created by Elisa Salinas.

It is a joint effort of Grupo Salinas, Fundacion Azteca and Kybernus in partnership with Sakal Media Group and Delivering Change Foundation.

Tanishka Forum is a social program for women implemented in the Indian state of Maharashtra by Sakal Media Group, the largest consortium of independent media in that region.

In a year and a half Tanishka Forum has managed to add to 100,000 members and more than 5000 success stories, Elisa Salinas told reporters.

The CEO of Azteca Novelas explained that its purpose is to create groups of maximum 20 women in urban, suburban and rural communities to raise problems that ails the community or neighbourhood.

Amongst all these groups they seek possible solutions and establish a work plan that will continue over the next month to resolve.

14 years ago we started an effort to initiate the “What we women keep silent about” program. The intention, at that time, was to offer solutions to women, be a mirror that reflected yet, they knew that there were opportunities to do different things and live differently”, said Elisa.

Looking for another option to empower women, they came across Tanishka Forum, which has managed to solve urgent and high social impact issues such as the lack of medical and public services, street paving, lighting and water supply, among other.

“Women form the core of all families and the family builds societies. In many organizations around the world, has shown that when you empower women, this also empowers societies and that’s what we’re looking for, empower women so that we can solve many of our problems”, said Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

President Salina’s Group believes that the important thing is that Tanishka Forum has proven itself with success stories via implementing thousands of successful projects.

“In India women could not even own their homes and then, a project was initiated to make it possible. These are relatively easy solutions, but with tremendous impact on society and that is what we seek. Tanishka’s mission is to turn women into the core of social transformation, “he said.

By improving the economic situation of their families, said Elisa Salinas, women become productive and independent. Their achievements are published via the powerful platform of the Sakal Media Group, motivating them even more to take on other challenges and change their environment.

“I’m sure that if we empower Mexican women we will have taken a huge step towards a fairer, more equitable and prosperous society,” said Ricardo Salinas.

To initiate the project, The Women’s Project Foundation is teaming with Azteca to create synergies with the government, civil society, the private sector and the media.

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