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Nov 2015

11:13 am UTC

From Left to Right- Mr. Zohar Sharon, CKO, Tel Aviv Municipality; Mr. Vaibhav Saraf, DCF; Hila Oren, CEO, Tel Aviv Global; Mr. Bobby Nimbalkar, Director, DCF; Prof Eyal Benjamin, Academic College, Tel Aviv-Yafo and Mr. Ankit Bhargava, DCF.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, represented by the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo has announced a collaboration with the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) Advisory Services, in helping Indian cities undergo urban transformation as Smart Cities.

Tel Aviv received international recognition while winning the first prize in the World Smart Cities Award at the Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona in 2014.

The municipality which continues to enhance smart systems implemented in the city, will now mentor, train, consult and escort Indian city officials in the processes to transform into Smart Cities.

The partner of the municipality in this process is the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo, as a representative of the Tel Aviv ecosystem; and an expert in transferring knowledge globally.

Hila Oren, Founder & CEO, Tel Aviv, said that, “Innovation, resident engagement and ‘out of the box’ thinking has helped Tel Aviv to transform into one of the world’s leading Smart Cities. We are now extending help and support to the world by assisting other cities and mentoring them in the field of Smart City.”

Prof. Israel (Izzy) Borovich, Dean, School of Economics and Management in the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yafo, maintained that the collaboration agreement with DCF Advisory Services is a significant part of the international activities the college is involved with. “We are committed to work closely with top executives as well as entrepreneurs in fostering innovation and distribution of knowledge generated in Tel Aviv – the ‘Startup City’ worldwide.” added Prof. Borovich.

The Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yafo is a leading academic institute located in the heart of the Startup City. The college operates the Start-Hub Entrepreneurship centre and the Social Entrepreneurship incubator. The centre operates entrepreneurship acceleration programmes, corporate executive seminars and open innovation programmes around futuristic issues about such Smart Cities and much more.

Being part of a global city, the college encourages cooperation to work with partners from around the world, among which they have the Bavaria-Israel-Partnership accelerator, with the city of Munich (Germany); and now with the DCF Advisory Services in India.

DCF has done some exceptional work in bringing about Community Transformation in Maharashtra; and is also helping other countries such as Mexico and Germany. DCF focuses on the entire ecosystem, reaches out to citizens in a number of ways, and encourages political stakeholders to back transformation projects.

DCF creates community networks to encourage and empower them, to demand change, come up with transformational plans, implement solutions and also track & monitor nation transformation projects.

In India, the Smart City Mission has just started, and DCF Advisory Services is at the forefront of citizen engagement to help transformation of multiple cities such as Pune, Nagpur, Nashik and Thane.

DCF Advisory Services has developed the ‘5 Steps to Transformation’ process for delivering Smart Cities- Emotional Connect Programme, Multi-stakeholder Consensus based planning, Setting up of a ‘Delivery Management Office’, Performance Monitoring & Tracking and Problem solving support for implementation and platform for raising private and international project finance.
These steps are enabled by a continuous process of ‘training and capacity building’ of the city’s administration.

DCF Advisory Services has collaborated with the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo utilizing its vast experience, city network and the best experiential learning module for delivering Smart Cities. In the last two years, Tel Aviv underwent a digital revolution, via the DigiTel platform: the city residents’ membership club DigiTel, free Wifi across the city and more.

As a leading technology hub, ranked as the number 1 startup hub outside the United States, Tel Aviv has developed advanced solutions for civic engagement. In Smart Tel Aviv, ‘listening to the residents’ is a key value in implementing smart city principles; while the goal is to create a city for all its residents and a resident-oriented Government.

DigiTel Residents’ Club and city App as key projects are personalised web and mobile communication platforms which provide residents with individually tailored, location-specific information and services. The platform facilitates a direct and holistic connection between the city and residents, from alerting residents to neighbourhood road works or informing them of the nearest bicycle-sharing station to sending targeted reminders for school registration or cultural events and offering discounts which facilitate access to the many cultural events taking place in the city. DigiTel encourages residents to proactively engage the municipality as well: residents can locate cultural events and activities as well as report hazards and follow up on their handling. As part of the effort to increase accessibility and transparency of information along with civic engagement, municipal databases have been opened to the public, followed by a competition in which residents developed mobile apps for public use based on open databases. The city also actively employs social media as a platform for involving the public in municipal decision-making and community improvement initiatives; and the iView system renders geo-spatial information readily available and easily usable for all. All these initiatives are facilitated by free citywide WiFi in public areas.

These initiatives improve municipal services, enhance residents’ quality of life and create conditions for sustainable urban development. Above all, they exemplify the city’s active and intelligent role in employing technology to strengthen civic engagement and ensure a city which is accessible and responsive to all.

The city persistently takes numerous efforts to encourage and facilitate the formation of collaborations between residents, business establishments, third sector organisations and the municipality, while making use of cutting-edge technologies that enable learning, creativity and sharing to achieve social and economic prosperity.

The technological and social tools available to the city enable better use of information and communication technologies to streamline the management of existing resources, save energy costs, provide improved service, enhance the quality of life, and fulfill the ‘sustainable city’ concept.

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