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Sep 2014

5:39 pm UTC

Ganeshnagar Slums, Krishna Ghat Road is one of the most unhygienic Places in Miraj…..but things do not remain unaltered when human wish unfolds its magical wings to the sky of hope.

Ganeshnagar slum area of Miraj was in quest of civic facilities for long time.

Their demands were unnoticed, their requirements unobserved. The municipal corporation had not even provided the basic facilities like clean water to the residents. The roads were full of garbage. Tanishkas in this area made every effort to communicate their problems to the Municipal Authorities, but there was no response from negligent authorities. But this negligence in fact acted as an inspiration to come together and fight for their basic rights. Under the leadership of Ms. Ushatai Shedbale, Tanishkas raised their voice for betterment of their lives.

First, they demolished the unauthorized encroachments on the roads. Due to these collaborative efforts, Corporator Ms. Malan Hulwan also happily joined hands with these Tanishkas. After cleaning the roads, Tanishkas turned their eye on unclean canals. Their demand for JCB machine was ignored as usual by the municipal authorities, but this time Corporator Hulwan instructed the Health Officer to provide JCB machine for cleaning the canals.

After this venture, these Tanishkas are now seeking to initiate ‘healthcare’ and ‘kindergarten’ facilities in this slum. The awareness is spreading its wings. Tanishka’s rigorous and proactive initiative has made others to think, act and unite for the betterment of environment.

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