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Mar 2015

11:37 am UTC

The Tanishka team visited a rural area in Oaxaca, about 460 kms from Mexico City, to understand the micro-credit program of the local NGO- Bancomunidad which is supported by the Azteca Foundation. The organization supports 3,500 women providing micro-credit facilities to empower them to be economically self-sufficient.

Mr. Bobby Nimbalkar, Director, Delivering Change Foundation(DCF) shared the vision and objectives of theTanishka Forum in India and expressed his belief that women are the fundamental catalysts in bringing about the socio-economic transformation in a country. He also expressed his wish to replicate a similar model as implemented for theTanishka Forum in Maharashtra, India to the women in Oaxaca by facilitating the process of change and building the women-to-women network via structured interactive planning and implementation.

During the meeting, women shared the problems that they encountered on a day to day basis at a personal, professional and societal level.

The session was conducted with a lot of active participation and enthusiasm and paved the way for the initiation of future

Tanishka Forum activities in Mexico.

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