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Jul 2015

1:05 pm UTC

Bitacora Social, an autonomous network of leading anthropologists and multidisciplinary analysts cabinet recently conducted a research study on the working of the Tanishka Foundation in India. Their report highlighted a number of relevant issues related to the dignity of women in society that were observed in India; and how this model could be adapted or modified for the state of Mexico.

Tanishka is a network that works to towards ensuring the dignity of women at the individual, family, and community level with a self-management approach. It operates in Maharashtra, India through forums and meetings where between 10-15 members in the age group 24-65 years who meet on a regular basis in a friendly and trusting environment. The forum is an avenue to freely share individual experiences and look for local solutions pertaining to physical, emotional and financial security. The members mutually discuss social issues, which is beneficial for women and also society at large. The forum also provides avenues for women to be able to raise these issues at the appropriate levels and bring in a socio economic transformation in the society.

Othon Garcia

Mr. Othon Garcia founded Bitacora Social Mexico in April, 2010, with a network of 130 anthropologists and a multidisciplinary analyses cabinet that elaborates social-academic studies which facilitate a strategic model specially designed for decision makers at the highest level in any organization.

Today, Bitacora Social expounds different social phenomena that go into detail and understands the society. Apart from the city of Mexico, Bitacora Social currently operates in eight other countries; namely Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

In order to promote socio-economic transformation in Mexico and ensure the dignity, honour and respect of women in society, the Tanishka Foundation Mexico was initiated by The Women’s Project Foundation(TWP), Grupo Salinas, Fundacion Azteca and Kybernus in partnership with Sakal Media Group(SMG) and Delivering Change Foundation(DCF).

The objective was to replicate the model in their own country beginning with the State of Oaxaca, Mexico which was inspired from the 5,000 success stories of the Tanishka Foundation in the State of Maharashtra, India.

The full survey can be viewed here : Tanishka Foundation

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