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May 2013

10:28 am UTC

With Maharashtra facing its worst ever drought this year, the Sakal Media Group decided to work on the ground to mitigate the problems of farmers. Announcing a ‘Freedom from drought’ programme, the group is determined to find a permanent solution to drought in the next five years. Presently, the Sakal Relief Fund has collected Rs 1.75 crores through generous donations of readers and well-wishers across the state and begun work in right earnest.

Adopting three drought-hit villages in the state to begin with, the group has now begun water conservation work in 50 other villages through the Sakal Relief Fund. These villages were selected following a survey of drought-hit places undertaken by Sakal reporters and suggestions from the Tanishka Women’s Dignity Forums in the state.

The villages where water conservation works are being carried out include 21 villages from western Maharashtra like Pune, Kolhapur, Satara, Solapur and Ahmednagar districts, 10 villages from Marathwada, four from Vidarbha and six from Khandesh including three from Nashik district. Works like desilting of wells, strengthening water structures, widening and deepening of nullahs have been undertaken.

The group has also started water conservation works in Karanajagi (Sangli district), Matori (Beed district) and Hiswan (Jalna district). Relief camps for cattle have been set up in 200 villages in Solapur district. Sakal Times presents an overview of the relief work undertaken by the group at some of the villages in the State…


The Sakal Relief Fund has adopted Karanajagi village in Jat taluka. This village primarily gets water from two lakes namely Gadani and Sidhanath which are currently dry.

– Gadani lake is being desilted to increase its water holding capacity.

– Sidhanath lake is undergoing repairs and desilting works.

– A primary development plan for these villages is also being prepared for which the Tanishka Women’s Forum had approached the Sakal Media Group to take the lead.


Karkhel village in Baramati taluka had approached the Tanishka Women’s Forum to help them remove silt from the village lake. Accordingly Sakal Relief Fund has started providing help to desilt the Karkhel Lake.

– Three JCB excavators were sent to the lake to remove the accumulated silt on Friday.

– The desilting work gained speed due to the presence of three JCBs and a considerable amount of silt was removed on Friday which was the first day of work at the lake.

– 25 tractors were also sent to help speed up the desilting process.


The work of removing silt from the Rudraganga riverbed in Parinche village of Purandar taluka began on Friday. The desilting work will also be done in the ‘Dhakati Chirebandi bund’ which is one of older bunds in this village.

– Sakal Relief Fund has donated Rs 2 lakh for this. n Four dumpers and one Poclain Machine have been provided to remove silt from the bund.

– With public participation, silt from four bunds in this village has been successfully removed so far.

– The works of desilting and straightening the river bed to increase its depth have been currently undertaken.


The Tanishka forum is making plans to fight drought in Gondavale village in Maan taluka. Accordingly many projects of desilting have begun in these areas.

– The work of removing accumulated silt from the ‘Shivsagar bund’ in Maan taluka began on Friday morning.

– With the help of the Sakal Relief Fund, the process of increasing the water holding capacity of this bund will be carried out.

– The canal is expected to hold sufficient water and there is a plan to completely stop use of tankers in this village.


Lengarewadi village in Sangli district is facing severe drought this season. The percolation tank in this village is their major source of water. Hence with the help of Sakal Relief Fund work has started on this tank.

– The work of desilting of the percolation tank of Legarewadi began on Friday.

– Villagers believe that after removal of the silt, the tank will fill up in the coming monsoon season.

– Villagers wanted Sakal to adopt certain drought-prone villages in Aatpadi taluka. Accordingly, silt from major lakes and bunds from this taluka will be removed before the monsoons. arrive.


– Marathwada — along with several parts of Maharashtra — is facing a severe drought.

– Drought has directly or indirectly affected over 12,000 villages in about 15 districts.

– Water levels in dams are falling rapidly.

– Water is being supplied in tankers to around 1,500 villages and over 4,000 hamlets.

– Over four lakh animals are dependent on fodder camps.

– Farmers are suffering as their crops and fruits have perished without water.

– Whether it is a drought or an earthquake or any other such disaster, the Sakal Media Group has always helped those affected with contributions from society. This time, we are facing a big challenge.

To fight this challenge, everyone can come forward and contribute in every possible way. The drought-affected people need your help. You can give financial aid by donating funds to the Sakal Relief Fund.

– Suggestions on the ways to help the drought-affected people are also welcome.

– Funds given to the Sakal Relief Fund will be exempted from Income Tax under section 80 (G) of the Income Tax Act. Funds can be given through cheques. The cheques should be issued in favour of ‘Sakal Relief Fund’. It is obligatory to give the PAN number along with the cheques.

– Citizens can hand over their donation at the Sakal Times office at the following address:

Sakal Times

27, Narveer Tanaji Wadi, Shivajinagar, Pune – 411005.

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