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Jul 2014

11:05 pm UTC

After successfully organizing the Pune Bus Day on November 1, 2012, the Sakal Media Group had helped the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd (PMPML) draw up a three-year action plan to achieve peak efficiency. The group had deliberated with important stakeholders such as politicians, bureaucrats, PMPML’s senior officers and transportation experts before preparing the plan. The road map prepared by the Sakal Media Group involved both short and long-term plans and had been made public to make readers and citizens aware of its contents. On its part, the Sakal Media Group has been following up with PMPML management every month about the progress on the action plan. It has been 19 months since the plan was initiated. In this update, Sakal Times’ Abhay Khainar lists the achievements and failures of the transport utility so far.

– Procurement of new buses on rent: PMPML strengthened its fleet by procuring 660 new buses through rent. Under this scheme, owners of the buses get rent from PMPML for providing services to the transport facility.
– PMC hands over 14 amenity spaces to PMPML: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has handed over 14 amenity spaces to the PMPML. This should help the latter address its problem of parking. At present, a large part of its fleet is forced to park on the roads at night due to the lack of parking space in the existing 10 depots.
– PMPML gives six plots to Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL): PMPML had handed over land to MNGL to set up outlets for Compressed Natural Gas stations. A major portion of PMPML’s fleet runs on CNG.
– Fare Rationalization Plan: PMPML has rationalized its fare structure to multiples of Rs 5. This move has helped both commuters and the transport utility.
– Electronic Ticketing System: PMPML was able to introduce Electronic Ticket System to provide quick service to its customers. But there is scope to improve the functioning of the gadgets used in the system.
– Bus Cleaning and Washing System: PMPML is in the process of installing bus cleaning system in all its 10 depots. It has completed the process of bidding for procuring the system.
– Existing Property Transfer: PMPML has made proper documentation of all its existing properties, which was earlier not the case.
– Computerised Inventory: PMPML has been able to computerize its central stores, which will enable authorities to closely monitor the spares and their use. However, computerization is yet to to be done at the 10 depots which PMPML plans in the second phase.

– Provision of Viability Gap Funding: The State government has directed PMC and the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) to help PMPML financially, by bearing its losses. Sadly, both the corporations are yet to implement the GR.
– Bus Procurement: Although the Center has approved 500 buses under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), PMPML could not procure even a single bus. The board of directors served an ultimatum to PMPML administration to complete the process fast.
– Organisation structure: With Central Institute of Road Transport’s help, PMPML had prepared an organisation structuring report. The board of directors had approved the restructuring plan of PMPML. But the transport utility could not implement it. There is a dire need for PMPML to have manpower with sound technical and financial skills. PMPML has not taken any initiative on this issue.
– Route Rationalisation Plan: PMPML had prepared a road map for it with the help of agencies like Central Institute of Road Transport and ITDP. However, the PMPML is implementing this plan in a tardy manner. So far, it has been able to curtail only 40 routes.
– Public Information System: With PMPML inordinately delaying the installation of Intelligent Traffic Management System, the Centre has now denied funds for the ITMS.
– Non Ticket Revenue Model and 2.5 FSI for PMPML lands: PMPML has failed to identify various sources for garnering of revenue, which would have improved its financial health.
– Acquisition of PMPML lands which are earmarked in the Development Plans: PMPML has not been able to acquire lands earmarked in the Development Plans of both PMC and PCMC.
– Maintenance Improvement: PMPML could not introduce night maintenance system of buses, which would have enabled it to ply more buses during daytime.

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