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Jun 2014

4:21 pm UTC

Mumbai: Barely a month in office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his office have been going about their work in a structured and disciplined manner. However, the PMO could be even more effective, if it takes a cue from PEMANDU (Performance Management And Delivery Unit), Malaysia, notes a report in leading business daily ‘Economic Times’.
A leaner bureaucracy with longer working hours for the ‘babus’ and action-oriented working instructions is something Modi is said to have established, much like a corporate set-up. However, many believe that the PMO will eventually need to focus on a bigger picture, than getting stuck with micro-management of too many smaller issues. Given the number and variety of stakeholders, this policy will be crucial in yielding desired outcomes. PEMANDU’s working methodology could prove to be a guiding principle for this, says the report.
PEMANDU was formally established in 2009 with the objective of implementing, assessing and facilitating the socio-economic transformation programme of Malaysia. PEMANDU developed the Big Fast Results (BFR) methodology to see high impact and short-medium term results through the implementation of governmental and economic change programmes.
Interestingly, the Sakal Media Group embraced the PEMANDU methology for the activities of the Delivering Change Foundation. The ‘Water for all’ lab works on the same methodology of obtaining Big Fast Results. The water lab is currently close to successful completion with all efforts concentrated on achieving practical, efficient and sustainable solutions to end Maharashtra’s water woes.
The report quotes Arun Maira, a planning commission member under the erstwhile UPA government, saying, “In charge of overseeing the progress of key government programmes and reforms, PEMANDU works on the principle of setting goals for departments that work in synergy, letting them thrash out the road map for that goal’s implementation and stepping in periodically to review the status and make course corrections.” The report add that parts of the PEMANDU philosophy are already visible in Modi’s decision to put a cluster of related ministries such as power, coal and renewable energy under one minister (Piyush Goyal) and inviting ministries with a similar or complementary mandate to make presentations to Modi together.

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