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Oct 2012

12:33 pm UTC

PUNE: PMPML’s chairman and managing director Ramchandra Joshi, on Thursday, said the public transport utility is totally geared up to make the ‘Pune Bus Day’ successful on November 1.

While speaking in the meeting arranged by the Sakal Media Group, Joshi briefed citizens and politicians about its preparations.

Joshi said that under the Pune Bus Day programme, a total of 3,000 private and PMPML buses will run on the city roads.

Sakal Media group is providing the 1,500 buses for it. The PMPML is preparing for this from the last two months.

All employees of the PMPML have assured to work 16 hours on that day. The PMPML had done the route rationalization. Usually the buses will run on 363 routes in the city but on November 1, buses will run on 38 more routes. The PMPML has also

made arrangements for additional staff.

The PMPML has also planned to put boards on each private bus. PMPML will publicise the bus routes to help the citizens.

They will even give proper training to the staff. It will also ensure that the buses will not fail on the roads on that day and will be clean.


Pune: Pune Police Commissioner Gulabrao Pol assured full support of the Pune Police to make the Pune Bus Day a success.

He said that the 8000-strong police force will work together for this.

Pol said that the police personnel are the main victims of vehicular pollution as they are stand at busy chowks. Even as there are more vehicles in Pune, traffic congestion and vehicle thefts are the main problems for the police. Many in the force face heath problems due to pollution.

If the public transport is strengthened, it will help the citizens as well as the police.

The Commissioner assured that all the police force will be present on that day and like PMPML staff, police will also not take leave on that day to make it a success.


Pune: Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Pathak assured that the Pune Municipal Corporation will give all the help to the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited to strengthen it.

He said that the planning for the Pune Bus Day is going on since last couple of days. It will be well planned and he was confident that it would be a success.

He also said that on numerous occasions the administration had to face the anger of the citizens for implementing the law.

However, sometimes, political leaders also needed to take a firm stand against populist decisions everytime, which would harm the public transport utility in the long run.

He appealed to the citizens and political parties to support the Pune Bus Day on November 1 and participate in it actively.


Pune: Judging by the enthusiasm of the common citizens to the Pune Bus Day project, the Sakal Media Group has decided to organise area-wise meetings of citizens in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad.

Sakal representatives plan to hold area-wise meetings across the city in order to document the suggestions and complaints of common citizens. The group will present these suggestions to the authorities in a bid to find solutions to the same.

These meetings are expected to begin next week.

The schedule will be published two days before each meeting in the Sakal Times and Sakal newspaper.

The group plans to bring PMPML officers and elected members for these meetings.

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