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Sep 2015

5:23 pm UTC

“Increased urbanization inevitably increases civic problems. The Smart City project is seen as the means to get out of this vicious circle and improve the lives of people. Every citizen must participate in building tomorrow’s smart cities which will only be possible through our collective imagination, participation and commitment.”- Abhijit Pawar, Chairman and Founder, Delivering Change Foundation.

By announcing 100 potential smart cities across the country, the Centre has kicked off the Smart City contest. Pune with its rich historical past needs to top the list of 20 cities to be selected in the first phase. As responsible citizens, we must also take this opportunity to provide leadership with new concepts of progress and transformation.

The Delivering Change Foundation(DCF) had published a comprehensive article which constitutes the features of a Smart City. Recently, Tel Aviv has won the distinction of being the Smartest City in the world.

Mr. Zohar Sharon, Chief Knowledge Officer, Tel Aviv Municipality and other senior bureaucrats were recently invited to Pune to seek their guidance for transformation. Following this, a delegation of Government officials from Maharashtra will meet experts from Tel Aviv to ensure that Pune leads the race for Indian smart cities.

DCF will conduct several initiatives in this regard and expects active participation from the citizens. Several debates and discussions on ‘what Pune needs and does not need’ will be conducted on the basis of which the final draft for a Smart City will be prepared.

In order to set up a system of dialogue with people, DCF with the help of Tanishka Foundation will have around 2000 booths across the city. Members in-charge of every booth will contact 250 families in their respective area. Through this, every family and citizen will be connected to the project. All suggestions of citizens related to this project will be incorporated in the plan.

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