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Aug 2014

9:57 am UTC

Jal or water is a commonly understood word. Life and existence is possible only if there is water. Before the advent of man and animal, only the forest existed. If the forest exists it means that there was water before it.
Even during the ages when man did not travel much, his actions and culture could travel thousands of kilometres through the medium of water. A man who had traveled much, and tasted water from all over, was considered wise. Water’s existence enables human beings to interact with each other, love one another and prove their all-inclusiveness. Holy smoke and holy water are commonly accepted in religious philosophies all over the world.
Water from the rivers and oceans across the world evaporates into clouds. Nobody can predict the parts of the world that will get rainfall generated by these clouds, in effect, mixing all the waters of the world. It is very expensive to make sea water potable in a man-made way, but in Almighty God’s scheme of things, impure or salty water, which evaporates, does not take the salinity along. The water that goes up, comes down in the form of rain. Water in nature is full of such miracles.
However, there are other forms of water pollution that we must deal with when there is an imbalance in nature.Animals can drink water even from stagnated pits, but human beings cannot digest such water. To purify water for consumption, there is no other alternative but to boil it. Physical purity is also possible nowadays through other mechanical and radiation processes. However, it is also important to increase the potential of the water we consume. This is done by adding pranic force to water, which will allow water to be digested into the human system easily. This can be achieved only by boiling it. While boiling water, the addition of a culture of different herbs and gold, helps energize the water to offer psychological and spiritual balance. This is the highest function of water for the human being.
At present, scientists and academics understand water purity to be only at a physical level. Human beings need water that is digested easily and offers complete
balance. This is a critical area of study that is currently being ignored.
Even the water in a flowing stream is called pure and contains helpful minerals, but this particular SuvarnaAyuJal is complete and energized water for human consumption. Cleanliness cannot be maintained without water and, conversely there can be no collection of clean water in nature if there is no cleanliness.This occurs when man creates non-biodegradable goods and dumps them into nature, polluting land, water and air. Many of our current difficulties worldwide, of health, social strife and poverty, are a result of this pollution.
At present, the world faces the problem of water scarcity. The increase in population generates heat in the atmosphere and leads to the evaporation and over-consumption of pure water. In Indian culture, water is considered the most important element entering the digestive system. Hence, water is considered holy.
Water is aware. It is alive and sensitive to the surrounding area, thoughts,words, sounds and heat. It has been proved through various scientific experiments that water has the capacity to understand and receive impressions. In one method, water is frozen at -14 degrees centigrade and its crystals photographed with a microscopic digital camera. These experiments show that water changes its crystal patterns showing greater harmony and balance when exposed to controlled and positive, sound vibrations in accordance with the atmospheric field effect.
Hence, even man’s unethical practices, corruption and atrocities cause tremendous pollution in water. Consumption of such vitiated water pollutes human life and causes the spread of disease as well. Thus, the cycle of pollution continues.
It is necessary to use water judiciously. Water resources are very important because they are the basis of life. If we do not realize this and continue to misuse water, these resources will eventually dry up. This problem of purity is not related to drinking water alone. Good water is needed for forests and agriculture too. Just like affection leads to a happy relationship, pure water leads to a healthy and purposeful life. Human beings need to manage water carefully because no civilization can develop without purity in water.
All mankind and governments worldwide should give top priority to water resources and use them carefully. It is our responsibility to check our actions, movements and thoughts, and balance our diet and make the water all around us — in water bodies, in the air and in our houses—pure and sacred, so that it can, in turn, unite us in collective health and love.

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