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Feb 2016

3:39 pm UTC

To mark the 50th death anniversary of Late Kakasaheb Gadgil, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister, Maharashtra, delivered a speech on the Smart City initiative. Mr. Fadnavis feels that the Smart City scheme will be successful only through active participation of the citizens of Pune. The Smart City concept will help in creating a mechanism to provide a number of services to citizens at affordable cost, with efficiency and transparency. Present during the lecture on the dais were Mr. Girish Bapat, Guardian Minister; Mr. Jairam Ramesh, Former Union Environment Minister and Mr. Anant Gadgil, MLA.

The lecture on ‘Smart City’ was organised by Kaka Saheb Gadgil Foundation. On this occasion, Mr. Fadanavis said, “In the last twenty-five years, urbanization has been at its peak. Nearly fifty per cent of the population in Maharashtra lives in the urban areas of the city. Initially, the planning was done in such a way that the villages were to be made self-sufficient and prosperous. However, villages could not generate enough employment opportunities for the youth which led to migration and overpopulation in cities. Problems like power-cuts, traffic congestion, waste management, etc were a result of the growing number of slums in the city. The need to build a sustainable system for development led to the emergence of the ‘Smart City’ concept.”

Mr. Jairam Ramesh said,” So far, the Government have given top most priority to economic development in the city. Every year the country has to face the problem of employment of near about 80 lakh youth. Since the rate of economic growth has to be balanced, there is a need of proper coordination between economic development and the environment. We cannot adopt the development pattern of China and USA. Also, we cannot let people hamper India’s development by polluting rivers, mountains and water resources. In other countries, environment is a “Life Style”, but for us it is the question of life-death. Now we need political leadership which clearly expresses its stand on both development and environment protection.”

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