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Oct 2018

In Marawde, ‘Lekicha Jhaad (tree of the daughter)’ set to make village green
12:49 pm UTC

Many married girls who used to live in this village were given an invitation, which said, “We want to plant a tree in your name, so you do visit your maternal home on the 5th day of lunar month of Shravan (locally known as the festival of Nagpanchami)." These daughters, who are now living elsewhere after marriage, accepted this invitation and graced the occasion by their presence. They also took part in an initiative called “trees for the daughter” organized in Maravade village in Mangalvedha tehsil. On this occasion, they also made a resolve to make their village green. Tanishka members have undertaken the mission of tree plantation and conservation along with the help from Chhatrapati Parivar and Maravade Gram Panchayat. The aim of bringing greenery to the Maravade village, tree plantation has been undertaken step by step on the internal roads of the village, open spaces, roads connecting to the other villages, planned children’s park and in the premises of various government offices. The daughters come to their maternal house during Nagpanchami, Raksha Bandhan, Gauri Ganpati (these festivals from Maharashtra start in the lunar month of Shravan). With each visit, they make their connection with their parental home stronger. Keeping the traditions in mind letters were sent to the daughters and, they were invited to be a part of this mission. The women living with their in-laws in different places gave a good response to this appeal. The entire program became quite emotional with the verses of a poem which read, “Do protect these trees planted by your daughters, wherever I will be, the memories of this village will always stay with me.” High impact: Aim of planting 700 trees in and around the village with the help of these women has been set. Because of an emotional appeal, women took part in this initiative in large numbers. Everyone got wholly involved in the process of planting trees.

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