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Jul 2015

10:32 am UTC

The Sakal Media Group has stewarded several social initiatives over the past several decades with many of the initiatives going beyond its own regional markets, addressing needs across the country and now internationally too with projects in Malaysia, Germany, Israel, Mexico and the USA.

Emphasizing on the Group’s agenda of social impact and social change, Mr. Pratap Pawar says, “We are working on transforming society for students, women, handicapped children, through the number of institute that we run. We walk the talk.” The group is also looking at using technology to steer transformation in the social and business spheres, with efforts to look ahead in the time and envisage what a media company would be like in the next 10 years. On the mergers and acquisitions front, the Group’s aim is not to acquire something Print-centric, but anything that will help that particular target audience.

The Basic philosophy of the Group to bring about social change, that is built on looking at what changes are required by the society. “We have a tie-up with the Prime Minister’s office in Malaysia. The Government uses us in an advisory capacity to facilitate decision making. Education is a perfect example here.” says Mr. Abhijit Pawar. We also endeavour to be sensitive to developments and make sure that it eventually leads to economic growth.

“We have invested a considerable amount in
research to make Maharashtra drought-free.”

To solve the problems arising out of water scarcity in the state has been one of the pilot projects undertaken by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The Delivering Change Foundation(DCF) through its water lab, has done extensive study in this regard and has been appointed as a third party auditor of the programme.

For the Pawar family, it’s not about circulation or revenue, the standard parameters of judging a business, but more about what they believe in. “We are not chasing profits or numbers. For me, it’s really how you take the business and make it into something which is truly socially responsible” sums up Abhijit Pawar.

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