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Dec 2015

1:13 pm UTC

While addressing the Youth of the Nation, Mr. Abhijit Pawar, Founder and Chairman, DCF; and Chief Mentor, Young Inspirators Network said, “The initiatives undertaken by YIN have been running successfully over the last one year. YIN has instilled self-confidence in college students to bring about change. The YIN team has now decided to hold elections for selecting Leaders from various colleges at the district and state level. We are looking at this election to create a new generation of leaders for the state, which would only be possible with their enthusiastic participation. The progress of our country is dependent on the the brain power, strength of the youth and willingness to bring about a change. The ‘Leadership Development Program’ is not a competition between the Youth, nor linked to any commercial aspect. The main aim of this program is to empower the youth and develop leadership skills to pave the future towards development and nation transformation.”

“We have realized that the youth lacks direction and were not socially organised. There was need to unite them and encourage change by giving a proper sense of direction. This led to the concept and forming of the Young Inspirators Network.”

YIN has undertaken a number of social initiatives across the State in the last one year. Around two lakh youngsters, directly and indirectly, are connected with out network. Most of the NGOs from across the state have shown interest in partnering and working with us. The work done by YIN members in the last one year shows what the youth are capable of, if given an opportunity. The YIN team in Maharashtra has undertaken several projects such as ban of alcohol in certain villages, educating the underprivileged, and many more.

In addition to this, Mr. Abhijit Pawar said, “Today, we are declaring a different concept for the Youth through YIN, which will strengthen the nation’s democracy. The need of the hour is to inculcate and imbibe the values of growth and development amongst the Youth in all fields. Leadership qualities must be developed in the youth during their college days. With this in mind, YIN elections will be conducted in all participant colleges from the state between 15th December to 30th December, 2015. By organizing such elections, the Young Inspirators Network is preparing the youth in handling pressure which will enable them to take corrective steps and decisions to resolve multiple issues.”

Mr. Vinod Tawde, State Education Minister, has welcomed the concept of polls for the YIN representatives. He feels that this will be a golden opportunity to develop leadership among the youth who will lead the future of our Nation. YIN representatives toured all over the state and also met with different Vice Chancellors across the state who have welcomed the concept of our ‘Leadership Development Program’ election poll.

Many retired officers having an administrative experience and college teachers interested in social work have also volunteered towards this program.

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