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Sep 2014

4:24 pm UTC

Even after the spread of education and multiple laws and provisions to reduce the domestic violence, the tale does not end. However, there are women standing firmly against it and of course, there are helping hands like Tanishka Stree Pratishtha Abhiyan , extending support to women’s dignity.

A recent story is that of Vidya (name changed on request) from Nasik, who got married in December 2012. It was a lavish wedding ceremony done by her parents along with various gifts given to Vidya and her husband. However, the unsatisfied in-laws showed their true colours soon after their marriage. They kept on demanding money and various gifts from Vidya’s parents, apart from complaining that in-laws were not treated properly during the wedding ceremony.

A supportive husband could have eased the situation for Vidya, but that was not to be. Her husband, her brother-in-law and their parents kept on abusing Vidya and gave her a final warning to leave home if she can not comply with their demands. Vidya tried solving the issue amicably and even tried launching a complaint in local police station, but it did not help the situation, as in-laws didn’t give in to any attempts.

A frustrated Vidya finally left her home with a heavy heart, and took shelter in a railway station waiting room! Fortunately, she met a group of people from Bhusawal, who genuinely asked after her, and immediately informed her about the initiative named ‘Tanishka Stree Pratishtha Abhiyan’. With a desire to get her honour back, she rushed to Sakal’s office and narrated her unfortunate story.

Tanishka Stree Pratishtha Abhiyan supported her wholeheartedly. An effort was made to communicate with her in-laws and resolve the issues, which however did not succeed. Not left with any option, a complaint was finally lodged against the husband and in-laws at the ‘women safety branch’.

The Deputy Inspector of this branch Mr. A.S.Patil told the officials that Vidya’s husband, in-laws and her brother-in-law will be called at branch office and they will be warned to stop the harassment immediately, failing which a strong legal action will be taken against all of them.

Presently, Vidya has been sent to the women’s hostel at Gangapur Road, run by ‘Rachana Trust’. She can stay there at least for a year. During this whole time, she also got a timely help from Social worker Sumantai Hire, Corporator Vandana Birari and Devanand Birari. Meanwhile, her husband’s employer has also taken a serious note of the matter and has allegedly decided to take a strong action against him if he is found guilty in the police enquiry.

This was Vidya, who fought for her honour and Tanishka Stree Pratishtha Abhiyan

Able helped her to get it back. There are still countless Vidyas around us, who should get their dignity. Come forward, raise your voice, and believe that there is help, just a call away!

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