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Jun 2014

12:24 pm UTC

MUMBAI: Sakal Media Group Chairman Pratap Pawar on Wednesday emphasised the need for putting every drop of water to judicious use in an accountable, equitable and transparent manner. According to him, recycle and reuse of water must be accorded priority.

“We are a country blessed with natural resources, intellectual capital and traditions. We have to fine-tune the systems for the benefit of society,” Pawar said while addressing the ‘Water for All’ lab of the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) and the Sakal Media Group (SMG).

Pawar cited the example of use of water in Israel and said that the Israelis think of return on investment on every litre of water. “All the stakeholders need to think together. In India, we have resources, but often it is not put to good use. For this to happen, we all need to work together and follow good examples, practices, processes and procedures. We have to be aware of who we are and what we want to be,” Pawar said.

According to Pawar, we need to orient ourselves in the right direction. “People are good all over the world. Why then are we not working in synergy with each other? Through team work, we need to make bureaucrats more accountable to society,” Pawar said.

The six-week water lab, which has been organised by the DCF-SMG in collaboration with PEMANDU of the Government of Malaysia, the Government of Maharashtra and the India Backbone Implementation Network (IBIN) of the Planning Commission of India and supported by the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Contemporary Studies of the University of Mumbai aims to make Maharashtra drought free in five years.

We must follow the good examples of workable solutions which can be implemented. The Delivering Change Foundation-Sakal Media Group drought-free Maharashtra initiative will be synergized with Agrowon, Tanishka and Sarpanch-Parishad. PEMANDU has designed a system where people work together. Let us start working together to solve problems.
—Pratap Pawar, Chairman,
Sakal Media Group

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