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Aug 2014

11:46 pm UTC

MUMBAI: Stressing the imperative need for effective and efficient time management, Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) Founder and Chairman Abhijit Pawar on Wednesday called upon the youth to not to be a ‘slave of time.’

Pawar, who is also the Managing Director of the Sakal Media Group, was participating in an interactive session with Dr Sundeep Waslekar, the President of the Strategic Foresight Group. The session was conducted by the well-known presenter and compere Sudhir Gadgil.

“Please do not be a slave of time. You decide your time and that is your time,” Pawar said while addressing a huge gathering of youth, who had come to Mumbai from various parts of Maharashtra, on the second day of the mega-launch of Young Inspirators Network (YIN) of DCF.

He advised the youth to manage their time well. “Decide how much time you need to work, how much for leisure, how much for studies…you decide it and enjoy your time,” Pawar said.

And he continued amidst a thunderous applause, “Today, if I was to take a break, I can, because I have managed my time effectively.” He stressed the need for the youth to decide their priorities and work and manage time in a smart manner.

Pawar said that the attitude of the youth should be to solve problems, if there are some.

“Learning must continue and for this, you should always be students. I still feel I am a student and am ready to learn anything,” he said inspiring the youthful audience.

According to Pawar, dreaming is important. “Dream….I still dream, but work toward realising your dreams.”

Women empowerment is directly related to development

Pawar said women’s empowerment is important for development.

“We need to empower women….women empowerment is directly related to development,” he said.

According to him, the network of Tanishka Women’s Dignity Forum of DCF is addressing this issue and it is now being recognised internationally.

Defeat should never be an option’
Inspiring the youth, Pawar said one has to move ahead in life carrying and realising his or her goals.
“Defeat is not an option or never an option before me. Work smartly and effectively. You have to serve people and for this, you have to think fresh and out-of-the-box,” he said.

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