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May 2015

4:40 pm UTC

Beed: Abhijit Pawar, Managing Director of the Sakal Media Group, during his visit to villages in Marathwada, stressed on the need to create an environment where farmers would willingly take up farming and not out of compulsion. He also emphasised on experiments to be carried out for environmentally sustainable farming resulting in a better yield.

Mr. Pawar visited Matori in Shirur-Kasar taluka and Padalshingi in Gevrai taluka to inspect the water conservation works being carried out under the Sakal Relief Fund. He also visited some drought-prone villages in Marathwada.

Balasaheb Bidwe, a farmer from Satona in Jalna district, shared his learning experience from the success stories printed in Agrowon, a daily published by the Sakal Media Group. By adopting new methods and modern techniques of farming, Bidwe’s total monthly income doubled.

Mr. Pawar also interacted with villagers and members of the Tanishka Foundation, which is an initiative of the Sakal Media Group that works towards women’s dignity and empowerment in the society. During the interaction at Matori village, farmers shared various problems such as water scarcity and drought. The villagers promised to bring about a change in the area with the undivided support from Sakal.

While talking to the farmers at Satona, Pawar said, “For the last two days, I have been visiting drought-affected villages in Marathwada, and now realize that the problems faced by all these villagers are similar in nature. But, farmers should not get deterred by the situation. Sakal and the villagers, together can work towards improving this situation. About 60 per cent of the population is engaged in farming and the Sakal Media Group has started their daily ‘Agrowon’ to address and resolve the concerns of these farmers by providing them with useful tips and guidelines.”

He stated that earlier there was an apprehension about generating daily content for this agriculture-based newspaper. But, the series of success stories of farmers, advanced farming practices and the use of advanced technologies have helped farmers overcome situations of crisis.

Pawar added that the paper received an overwhelming response from the farming community. “Many farmers read the success stories and undertook similar experiments to improve their yield. Bidwe of Satona is one such farmer who has achieved success,” he said.

Speaking about the same, Pawar said, “In the coming years, community farming will be a good option for farmers. Active participation of the youth and women will be important in farming. The Sakal Media Group has provided women with the platform of Tanishka for the same. Through this platform, many successful experiments are being undertaken.”

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