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Apr 2017

11:05 am UTC

Mumbai: Abhijit Pawar, Founder and Chairman, DCF, has announced the ‘Annapurna’ programme, through which about three lakh women will be trained by the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) to make them entrepreneurs. He further said DCF will help these entrepreneurs get an international market for home made products. He was speaking at the two-day conclave of Tanishka Women’s Dignity Forum at Yashwantrao Chavan Centre.

He further suggested that instead of criticising inflation, these woman should become entrepreneurs. “The food items prepared by these women entrepreneurs are like pure gold. These items will be sold in the international market,” he said.

Palladium Consultant Group is going to help DCF in the initiative to train women entrepreneurs. Barbora Stankovicova, Kuwait country head of Palladium, Shweta Shalini, BJP spokesperson and adviser to CM, and Gaurav Kakad, Chief Manager of DCF, were present.

“In the first phase, training will be given to three lakh women in the State and gradually, it will spread across the nation,” Pawar said. He made a presentation at the conclave about hand made food items. He explained through the presentation how hand made food items are good in quality and how they have high value in the international market.

“We have to select quality items and then have to enter the market. All marketing and packaging skills will be taught in the training programme,” Pawar said.

“We Indians never value our own products and purchase unnecessary products at high prices. Instead of complaining that the things are becoming dearer, we have to produce our own products,” he said.

“There is nothing wrong in taking help from the government for betterment of the society. The government had shown interest in helping us in the initiative. Through the help, we will produce hygienic food products,” Pawar said.

“Apart from the Annapurna programme, we are going to train students from standard six to XII to develop a leadership programme. After that, there is a plan to start a special programme for graduate students,” he said.

Barbora Stankoviva she said that the products in the State will be selected for the project and will be prepared. “Quality and food security will be given more weightage under the project. Local ecosystem will also be considered,” Barbora said.

“Women’s empowerment will be the main focus of the project and confidence building and women’s development will be the purpose of the training,” Barbora said. Shweta Shalini said that hand made products are of good quality but the buyers never trust them. “If hand made products have a guarantee of security, then Indian hand made products will get higher prices in the international market,” she said.

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