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Feb 2016

12:48 pm UTC

While emphasizing on the need for everyone to ‘Be the change they want to see,’ Mr. Abhijit Pawar, Founder & Chairman, Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) and Managing Director, Sakal Media Group (SMG), encouraged students to create a positive impact on the lives of people. Mr. Pawar was speaking at the Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) in Pune.

Mr. Pawar focussed on a range of initiatives undertaken by the Sakal Media Group, such as the ‘Pune Bus Day’ and ‘Water for All’. The enormous success of the ‘Water for All’ programme could be gauged by its ability to bring together the ruling party and the opposition to have a constructive dialogue with each other. He also spoke about the partnership with Tel Aviv in terms of planning ‘Smart Cities’ across India. He then briefed the spectators on the ‘Pune Bus Day’ initiative that had been undertaken by SMG in 2012. The results of this initiative were astonishing as the use of public transportation for a single day had resulted in a huge difference in terms of petrol used, traffic on the roads and so on.

He also spoke about the ‘Malaysian Model’ & PEMANDU (Performance Management and Delivery Unit) Model that will be extremely efficient for facilitating socio-economic transformation.

According to Mr. Pawar, along with ROI & ROE, he had found ‘Return on Respect’ to be an important indicator to be considered in life. He also introduced the concept of the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) that aims to instil a positive change in the lives of communities.

He further stressed on the Young Inspirators Network (YIN), a platform created for the youth to discuss and address challenging issues faced by the country. The establishment of the Sakal International Learning Centre (SILC) for upskilling students is vital for such initiatives.

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