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Young Inspirators Network
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YIN - Young Inspirators Network

ABOUT- To create a spirited and unified platform that inspires and engages the youth to participate in nation buliding activities.
IMPACT- Active participation and formulation of various projects and programs have resulted in meaningful exchange of information, ideas and views.

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To seamlessly integrate the youth in the process of nation building through a proactive, inclusive and cohesive network.

Young Inspirators Network (YIN) is a voluntary alliance of young citizens striving for positive change within their individual, professional and societal spheres. YIN aims to create a spirited and unified platform that inspires and engages the youth to participate in the critical process of nation building. The unique promise of YIN is to integrate the youth as a dynamic force in nation transformation, ensuring direct outcome through tangible results.

Our 15,000 member (active and growing) youth network formed for the age group between 18 to 24.

YIN is a platform that aims to foster their knowledge, information, understanding of youth, their rights, responsibilities and roles in a participative process which can lead to their inclusion in future programs and actions targeted at their group.

YIN focusses on three distinct areas for Youth Development
  1. Personal
  2. Professional
  3. Social

YIN is a holistic platform for engagement with the youth, created to allow a meaningful exchange of information, ideas and views. To make such a platform successful and sustainable it needs to focus on the entire life cycle of the youth and the transition into livelihood options. Through our various programs and projects we plan to integrate youth into national transformation.

YIN is an attempt to create a relevant, sustainable platform with India as the pilot country and then make it a more international network in the next 5 years.


Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

YIN organizes a LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (LDP) - A one-of-a-kind initiative in which more than 1.6 million Students participated & voted to create a Student’s Cabinet Ministry!

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