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Tanishka Foundation
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Tanishka Foundation

ABOUT- Building Community Networks to embody the power of a structured, aligned and unified action.
IMPACT- Significant advances made in areas such as Land rights, Health, Local Governance, Environment & Security amongst others.

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To globally reinforce women as the change makers of a modern society.

The Tanishka Foundation is a symbiotic network of voluntary forums that works towards restoring dignity to women the grassroots level, through social, physical and financial security. The Tanishka Foundation aims to encourage and energize women with a thought for social good and a sense of national pride, and integrate them as change agents at the ground level. The distinct feature of Tanishka Foundation is to place women at the centre point of nation transformation, thus assuring them of utmost dignity in human society.

Currently 110,000 members and growing.

The Tanishka Foundation, Maharashtra
Established with a view of ‘taking women to the core of the transformation of society,’ this initiative aimed to create an exclusive woman-to-woman network across the length and breadth of Maharashtra.
  • By creating a formal process of engagement, intra-group as well as inter-group, the network becomes a platform of heterogeneous exchange of ideas & solutions thereby creating pathways for social outcomes that allow women to become socially mobile and empowered.
  • By creating a market place, identifying and fostering special skills, encouraging entrepreneurship, identifying mentors and creating an angel investment platform; the Tanishka Foundation in near future will create a financial empowerment platform.
  • By nurturing leadership, educating and informing them of local issues and carefully monitoring block level policy formulation and development, the women can be politically empowered to solve extra-house issues that affect them. Some of the women members already hold formal leadership positions and through inter-group communications many more can be enabled to take up leadership roles and responsibilities.

The Tanishka Foundation is open to collaborations and partnerships with like-minded organizations that have shown a strong commitment to the social and economic transformation of women.

Key features of Tanishka Foundation
  • Grassroots network
  • Spread across each and every district (a total 35 districts) in Maharashtra with representation from every Taluka
  • Currently 110,000 members and growing
  • Diverse and inclusive
  • Represents minorities, backward and tribal communities
  • Represents urban and rural communities
  • Operates through groups of 10-15 members called ‘Forums’
  • 24X7 communication backbone through call-centre
  • 15,000 phenomenal success stories of grassroots level transformations

Tanishka Success Stories

Expanding the Tanishka Footprint – The Mexico Story:

The main objective of the Tanishka Foundation Mexico, a social program initiated via The Women's Project(TWP) created by Elisa Salinas is to promote socio-economic transformation through women, giving them a place of honour and respect. It is a joint effort of Grupo Salinas, Fundacion Azteca and Kybernus in partnership with the Sakal Media Group and Delivering Change Foundation (DCF). DCF has partnered with Groupo Salinas in Mexico to launch the Tanishka Foundation which focuses on women’s dignity; and the important role of taking women to the core of Nation Transformation.

This program was initiated successfully with delegations from both DCF and TWP visiting each other’s respective countries to closely align themselves towards understanding how the Tanishka model can be replicated successfully in Mexico.

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    Abhijit Pawar (Founder and Chairman, DCF), Elisa Salinas (Director, Azteca Novelas), Francesca Salinas (President TWP), Ricardo Salinas Pliego (CEO, Grupo Salinas) and Bobby Nimbalkar (Director, DCF).
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    Francesca Salinas (President TWP) along with members from The Women’s Project (TWP) visit India.
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    The Tanishka Mexico team visits Sukhsagar Nagar, Pune to understand the problems faced by women in India.
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    Esteban Moctezuma (President, Fundacion Azteca) interacted with women to know the methodology and operation of the Tanishka Foundation.
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    The Tanishka Forum Mexico delegates with local Tanishka members in Medha, Maharashtra.
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    The Tanishka-Mexico Workshop commenced with a prayer and distribution of souvenirs amongst Lab members.
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    Mr. Bobby Nimbalkar, Director, Delivering Change Foundation gave an overview on the operations carried out in India by the Tanishka Foundation and also presented a number of success stories.
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    An issue identification session was organized by the Tanishka Foundation team and other workshop participants.
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    Over 243 issues were identified and posted on post-its to form a ‘post-it wall’.
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    Over 243 issues were classified into three major categories: Emotional Security, Financial Security and Physical Security. Out of these, 35 key issues were identified through a Lab Consensus prioritization session.
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    A target audience was selected for the 35 identified issues. The team believes to grow its network to 16,000 active participants by 2016.
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    Ms Elisa Salinas, Founder, The Women’s Project (TWP) visited the workshop.
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    Around 177 network-level issues were identified and classified into Sustainability issues, People issues and Process/Operational issues. Amongst them, 41 key issues were identified having the highest frequency and lower time-span for solving them.
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    Workshop participants discussed 8 key solution buckets to resolve network-level issues. Participants were divided into groups of 4-5 to prepare the Entry Point Projects (EPP).
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    A two day forum training session had been organized for selected Mexican state representatives. This training session was facilitated by Mr. Prasad Thipsay and Mr. Gaurav Dhakar from the Tanishka Foundation team, India.
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    The second day training session was conducted by the TWP team.
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    The Tanishka Women’s Network went global with its launch in Mexico, where a common platform was created for all the stakeholders to develop a plan for the network’s operations in Mexico.
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