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Tanishka polls receive huge response on second day!

Thursday, 20 October 2016 - 10:40 AM IST
Tags: Building Community Networks, Tanishka Foundation

On the second day of the elections for Tanishka Women’s Dignity Forum, a large crowd of women voters reached various poll centres in the State as it was a Sunday. Sonai (Nevasa) in Ahmednagar district registered a record number of votes. 

Since early Sunday morning, women  including doctors, professors, health workers, tribals, farm workers and labourers,  started coming in large numbers to vote in 14 districts across the State. Every voter, irrespective of their status, waited in a queue for their voting turn. 

Despite it being a harvest season, women who work in the farms from the rural areas too reached the voting booths on time to vote, and later left for their work. 

Through the Tanishka elections, women are coming forward with a feeling of ‘For me, for her and for us’, and have become more ambitious about their future. The Tanishka Women’s Dignity Forum election received an overwhelming response from women across the State. 

On the second day of the elections, the voting process was conducted in 114 centres in the entire state. The women voters seemed enthusiastic as they were voting for the Tanishka representatives for the first time. 

Pune district’s Daund, Indapur, Manchar also witnessed a huge response from women belonging to various walks of life. Tribal women from remote places like Junnar and Ambegaon also took part in the Tanishka elections. 

It was appreciating to see that every woman present to cast her vote had come for herself and for others like her. Women from all sectors - housewives, IT engineers, or in white collar jobs, labourers, elderly or retired and even students - 46participated in the Tanishka election.

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