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Educon 2015: Emphasis on Innovation and Creativity

Wednesday, 7 October 2015 - 12:19 PM IST
Tags: PEMANDU, Nation Transformation

From Left to Right- Mr. Abhijit Pawar, Founder & Chairman, Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) and Managing Director, Sakal Media Group (SMG); Dr. Sanjay Dhande, Former Director, IIT Kanpur; Mrs. Britta Wirtz, CEO, Karlsruhe Messe-und Kongress-GmbH; Mr. Michael Obert, Mayor, Karlsruhe and Shri Pratap Pawar, Chairman, Sakal Media Group.

On the occasion of Sakal Educon 2015 held in Karlsruhe, Germany, Mr. Abhijit Pawar, Founder & Chairman, Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) and Managing Director, Sakal Media Group (SMG) believes that creative sciences must be incorporated in the education system to ensure that future leaders are incorporated with logic and creativity in their learning process. 

Speaking at the most anticipated event organised by Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) and Sakal International Learning Centre (SILC), Mr. Pawar said, “It is important to be innovative. Students and faculty must collaborate to have a different perspective which only comes through access to varied intercultural experiences. This will also help in enhancing maturity levels needed for the students.”

The conference was inaugurated by Shri Pratap Pawar, Chairman, Sakal Media Group; Mr. Abhijit Pawar, MD, Sakal Media Group and Founder & Chairman, Delivering Change Foundation; Mr. Michael Obert, Mayor, Karlsruhe and Mrs. Britta Wirtz, CEO, Karlsruhe Messe-und Kongress-GmbH.

The theme of this year’s conference will be ‘Industry comes closer to Academia’; which focuses on the role and involvement of Industry in bridging the gaps in Employability of students.

George Muambayi - Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 02:50 PM IST
i'm congolese,i ask the program for the foundation.i have the travel agency,is good to fall the partenariat
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