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Social Visionary, Abhijit Pawar, bestowed first Global Impact Legacy Honour

Thursday, 10 March 2016 - 11:55 AM IST
Tags: PEMANDU, Nation Transformation

Abhijit Pawar (YPO Pune, YPO Bombay North Star) aims for nothing short of social, governmental and economic transformation. He is achieving this ambitious goal one community at a time, inspired and encouraged by his YPO-WPO peers. 

Abhijit's endeavors are guided by what he calls the Trinity-7 model. Any project he undertakes must have a large, positive social impact, connect with individuals on an emotional level and be easily implemented with a short-term impact. This forms the trinity, the foundation of his model. Then, each undertaking also must align with the United Nations' seven guidelines for good governance: multi-stakeholder participation, consensus, accountability, large positive response, equitability, efficiency and legality.

"This is a great way of doing business, where you start by not thinking about yourself, but rather by solving a larger global issue, or a society's or community's problems first, and in the process, your problems are also solved," shares Abhijit. 

For his work through the Tanishka Women's Dignity Forum, a program that empowers women to be agents of change in their communities, Abhijit was featured as a Global Impact honoree in February 2014. Since then, he launched the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF), a globally focused organization that partners with governments, non-governmental organizations, corporations and communities to bring about positive socio-economic change. DCF now runs Tanishka as well as the Young Inspirators Network, which promotes and supports the social, economic and political empowerment of youth ages 18-24.

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