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Expert lauds DCF for bringing about social change

Friday, 18 September 2015 - 05:59 PM IST

Former member of the Planning Commission of India, Arun Maira has praised the Pune Bus Day experiment and the constant efforts of Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) in bringing about societal transformation, in his latest book, ‘An Upstart In The Government’. Maira’s book, which was released in New Delhi recently, speaks about how progress of nations and organisations has to be a cooperative endeavour. 

Maira, a former member of the Planning Commission, Chancellor of University of Himachal Pradesh and former Chairman of Boston Consulting Group (India) in his book says, “Everyone must cooperate to create good society in which all will have an opportunity to realize their aspirations.Within the system they will compete. But to improve the system they must cooperate”. He further adds, “Leaders of nations and organisations must create structures for cooperation amongst competing interests and citizens must develop the orientation and skills required for systematic cooperation”.

Speaking about the book, Maira said, “We had all sworn our allegiance to the Constitution of India, and had taken an oath that ‘We will do right to all manner of people in accordance with the Constitution and the law, without fear,or favour, affection, or ill-will’. We had not sworn to serve the government of the day, but to serve the Constitution and the people of India.”

“The government, and the Planning Commission with it, was caught in a trap. Should it admit that conditions in the country were not as good as they should be? If it did, it would be blamed. However, if it tried to convince citizens that conditions were good when they felt they certainly were not, citizens would say the government was out of touch with reality,” Maira added.

Endorsing Maira’s book, Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Railway Minister said, “Arun Maira has a passion for the progress of India and improvement of the lives of its poorest people. This must be a collaborative endeavour, he urges and suggests systematic ways to engender cooperation. He also provides insights from his decades of experience in India and abroad that for changes in mind-sets it is necessary to create millions of good jobs under manufacturing in India.”

Cyrus P Mistry, Chairman, Tata Group said, “In this very readable account drawn from several decades of practical experience, Arun Maira offers powerful perspectives on how we can shape our future. In highlighting the role that cooperation between stakeholders plays in institutional reform, his deep faith in people as ‘appreciating assets’ comes through very strongly. This work is a timely and valuable contribution to thinking about the reform agenda that India must embrace.”

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