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YIN completes a successful year across Maharashtra

Tuesday, 25 August 2015 - 03:17 PM IST
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After collective efforts of transforming the nation, the Young inspirators Network (YIN), a part of the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF), has completed one year in the state of Maharashtra. Thousands of youth participated in this movement over the last one year. These youth, full of energy, brought positive changes in society through their projects. The year-long activities and its outcome have proved that the youth are inclined to do something for society. The YIN members now plan to scale up their activities. In the coming year, this network will be strengthened with YIN members in every college across the state. YIN aims to bring positive change in the youth to engage in constructive work for bringing about social change. 

The Young Inspirators Network was started with an aim of channelizing  the positive energy effort towards achieving the goal of nation building and transformation. This network gives the youth the opportunity to put their ideas into action. YIN has aimed to increase the influence of youth in politics, society and economy, while imbibing the sense of social responsibility in them.  

The enthusiasm of the youth and their zeal to bring about change in the last one year, has prompted us to scale up the movement. With the increasing number of youngsters joining this network, we understand that students need more than what the education system already offers. 

YIN members across Maharashtra implemented more than 400 projects during the last one year.

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