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Tanishka workshop starts in Mexico !

Friday, 28 August 2015 - 12:21 PM IST
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Members from the Tanishka Foundation, India, are carrying out a six day Workshop in Mexico to facilitate a peer-to-peer women's network which will provide them a platform to resolve societal issues at the grassroot level. This six day intensive workshop will comprise of rigorous engagement between various stakeholders; namely, the Tanishka India Team, The Women’s Project (TWP) Mexico Team, National Institute of Women in Mexico (INMUJERES), Mujeres Aportando Mujeres (MAM) Team, associated businesses of Grupo Salinas, UN Women and Local Women Influencers.

The main objective of the workshop is to help build a structured peer-to-peer women’s network in Mexico to address and resolve societal issues, that ultimately empowers them to become catalysts of change and achieve socio-economic transformation. During the workshop, stakeholders would discuss issues and arrive at potential solutions through consensus-building. The stakeholders will then be assigned responsibilities for implementing the action plans.

Tanishka Delegation from India travelled to Mexico on 20th of August, 2015 to initiate a six day workshop.

Mr Bobby Nimbalkar, Director-DCF, introduced the DCF & Tanishka concept giving them an overview of the work completed along with a number of success stories. This was later followed by a presentation on the Tanishka – Mexico journey and a preview of the Tanishka Model.

The post lunch session was then conducted wherein several issues faced by women in Mexico were identified and discussed. The format was interactive in nature and addressed key issues affecting women in Mexico with the aim towards facilitating a dignified life with emotional, physical and financial security.

Close to 250 issues were identified and written on post-its and placed to form a “Post-It Wall”.

Kimberly K. Parker - Tuesday, 24 November 2015 - 12:43 AM IST
What a great act of service! How may I get involved? I have a two day trip scheduled for Mexico and would love to be of service while there. Thank you.
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