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YIN team transforms Kolhapur by making it alcohol free

Saturday, 16 May 2015 - 01:18 PM IST
Tags: YIN

With the help of the District Collector and team members of the Young Inspirators Network, an attempt to make the district of Kolhapur free of alcohol was taken up. With this aim in mind, a rally of college students on 12th Apr’15 was carried out to oppose the distribution and consumption of alcohol. 

The District Collector extended his support and co-operation towards this initiative. For creating awareness and gathering support of the people, the YIN team organized a street play & put up posters based on the ill effects of alcohol on our health and well being. 

YIN members selected a village (Aamshi, Tal - Karveer) & requested the Sarpanch to provide his support and participation in this project. Team members were successful in gathering students and witnessed active participation in local schools & colleges. The Sarpanch assured that they will take the decision on Daarubandi at the Gramsabha on the occasion of Labour Day, i.e. 1st May,2015. Our YIN team was able to achieve the goal after collective efforts and this project was successfully carried out for the first time in Maharashtra through the Young Inspirators Network with the help of Grampanchayat of Aamshi. 

This helps us in realizing the potential of a team of youngsters guided by a vision, who came and worked together to influence the society and transform it. 

The success of the first project carried out by the Young Inspirators Network and youth in the village of Aamshi has given local residents the belief, courage and power to work towards social development and transformation. 

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