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Water lab is innovative and enriching: Giriraj

- ST Correspondent
Thursday, 22 May 2014 - 10:33 PM IST
Tags: Water for All, Delivering Change Foundation, Sakal Media Group, PEMANDU, delivering maharashtra, V Giriraj, Mumbai, main news

MUMBAI: The principal secretary of state water conservation department V Giriraj has hailed the Sakal Media Group's 'Water For All' lab. "This lab is an innovative and enriching experience for all stake holders, including government officials, corporate leaders and NGO activists. The Sakal Media Group has provided an excellent platform to resolve water problems plaguing Maharashtra through this lab process," Giriraj said.

The senior IAS officer visited the 'Water For All' lab on Thursday and took stock of the issues prioritised by members of the three labs 'Source and Conservation, Agriculture and Domestic and Industries'.

The lab, which is being held at Kalina campus of the University of Mumbai, has been initiated by the Delivering Change Foundation powered by the Sakal Media Group, in collaboration with the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) of the Government of Malaysia.

According to Giriraj, the State government will make available all relevant data pertaining to water-related issues that are being discussed at the 'Water For All' lab. The members of the lab had requested the IAS officer to provide statistics.

Giriraj called upon the members taking part in the lab to take a holistic approach to resolve water issues during the six-week lab, which was kicked off four days ago.

"Dedicate yourself to discuss all issues pertaining to the problem. Take account of opinions given by others during your lab deliberations," he said. Giriraj visited each of the three labs and noted the issues prioritised by the members.

"Each of the labs is studying deeply into the sectors assigned to them to ascertain the problems. I am impressed with the work and am looking forward to the in-road projects," Giriraj said, complimenting the facilitators at the lab.

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