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Youths turn torchbearers, will change society

- ST Correspondent
Thursday, 21 August 2014 - 12:37 AM IST
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MUMBAI: Passionate and eager, 380 students from all over the state attended the training session for Young Inspirators Network (YIN) of the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) on Wednesday. For many, it was a life-changing experience. And the trainers, in turn, were impressed by the participants’ zest and resolve for positive change.

Besides giving them the opportunity to interact and derive inspiration from well-known personalities, the training gave them the confidence that they could make a difference to society.

YIN is an initiative of Delivering Change Foundation (DCF), which aims to engage youth in effective change. The initiative was launched on Tuesday, which was a two-day training session for student representatives.

While students from Mumbai and Pune had taken part in the session on Tuesday, the second day saw representation of students from over 200 colleges from various cities, towns and villages of Maharashtra.

The session aimed at imparting skills to the participants, who would go back to their colleges and train other students to form a forum. This would, in turn, serve to inspire many more, create networks and act for delivering change with regard to social issues.

On Wednesday, the participants included many representatives from small towns and villages, but going beyond the barriers of language they connected with internationally acclaimed trainer Dr Amir Kfir, absorbed the lessons given by him and resolved to act for positive change.

At the beginning of the day on Wednesday, Founder and Chairman of Delivering Change Foundation Abhijit Pawar again explained the objective of YIN and urged the students to become torchbearers.

Giving up the initial fear, the students boldly spoke on issues related to women’s safety, need for change in education, rampant corruption and about what they can do about it. Girls took the lead in asking tough questions and the boys supported them.

Dr Amir Kfir was stunned and moved with the passionate expression of the students.

When a participant, Vinaya Utpat, told him she had come all way from Pandharpur to attend the session, he said, “I have come from Israel, but you have come a long way.”

It was a youthful session of sharing, learning, dance and music. This was followed by another memorable interaction of students with composer Avadhoot Gupte and singer Swapnil Bandodkar. They too were mesmerised with the atmosphere and lauded the zest of the students. They also interacted with thought leader and speaker Sundeep Waslekar in the morning session.

The session ended with students taking the pledge to bring the change they wish to see.

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Ria - Sunday, 7 September 2014 - 06:53 PM IST
This is the definite plan to convert my dreams into reality – Ria Shende
Dr. Cajetan Coelho - Thursday, 21 August 2014 - 08:27 PM IST
The future of our Society lies in the hands of our youth.
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