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Building Community Networks
Delivering Change Forum (DC Forum)

What We Do

Building Community Networks

ABOUT- DCF provides a platform for people to come together and form powerful networks that work towards transformational change.
IMPACT- A structured and procedure oriented model has been formed to enable transformation concepts into implementable strategies.

“The world needs a new education order which imbibes a Global Spirit that helps in transforming societies where Peace, Prosperity and Friendship are as important as the need for Investment, GDP growth and Jobs.”

- Abhijit Pawar,
Founder & Chairman,
Delivering Change Foundation



The greatest strength of a Nation and indeed the World itself, is the power of its people.

The Delivering Change Foundation is committed to not merely harnessing, but actively galvanizing the power of people to come together to deliver transformational change. It is therefore committed to providing platforms to enable people of different socio-economic strata to form large, powerful networks that work in unison to deliver Transformational Change.


DCF provides a structured, procedure oriented model to not merely conceptualize a plan for strategic change but to provide all the components that enable transformation of concept into implementable reality. “Transformation in a box” is the basic concept that is extended to sections of the community via Organized Initiatives such as -

Young Inspirators Network (YIN)

This initiative aims to provide a platform for the youth to come together, network, brainstorm, articulate and implement their ideas for change across Maharashtra and the entire Country. YIN is modelled on the lines of the successful Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). It uses YPO’s proven Forum technique to help the youth in the 18 to 24 age group achieve personal and professional development through teamwork and to work together for pragmatic socio-economic goals.
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Tanishka Foundation

Established with a view of ‘taking women to the core of the transformation of society,’ this initiative aims to create an exclusive woman-to-woman network across the length and breadth of Maharashtra, India and is in initiation stage in Mexico. Established with a view of ‘taking women to the core of the transformation of society,’ this initiative aims to create an exclusive woman-to-woman network across the length and breadth of Maharashtra.
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Global Inspirators Network (GIN)

The Global Inspirators Network is a voluntary alliance of young citizens(in the age group of 18 to 35) striving for positive change within their individual, professional and societal spheres. GIN aims to create a spirited and unified platform that inspires and engages the youth and young working professionals to participate in the critical process of nation building. The unique promise of GIN is to integrate the young adults as a dynamic force in nation transformation, ensuring direct outcome through tangible results.
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The DCF model of transformation starts at a local, community based level and builds up exponentially to encompass districts, states and entire countries. Currently DCF has expanded its footprint from India to Mexico and plans to make the model scalable and replicable across the globe.

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Delivering Change Foundation
Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) is an independent organization that partners with governments and communities to accomplish nation transformation.
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