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Delivering Change Forum (DC Forum)


Delivering Change: Unique Model for Nation Transformation

Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) is an independent organization in the developmental sector that partners with governments and communities to accomplish nation transformation, together.
DCF is committed to delivering socio-economic change through systemised programs that are fast and result oriented on a five-year timeline, yet intense and large scale for the last-mile impact. The unique promise of DCF is to align boardroom policy with grassroot action by advancing the trilogy of emotional connect, intensive planning and absolute execution. DCF is headquartered in Pune and led by Abhijit Pawar, who is the Founder and Chairman of this transformational establishment.
DCF essentially functions as the guardian of change through specific programs in various domains of social transformation viz. formal education, skill development, public transportation, water resources, public health, urban development, rural transformation and agricultural reform. In addition to its affirmative role in social analytics, DCF is equipped to provide end-to-end strategic consulting and execution planning services in diverse sectors of social relevance and economic purpose.
DCF is an effective ‘ground level change maker’ owing to the strength of its community networks. Tanishka, the women’s network that puts its one-lakh-plus members at the core of transformation in society; and Young Inspirators Network (YIN), the youth platform that involves the young citizens in national transformation; are the twin forces through which DCF effectively engages the society at large. DCF endeavours to initiate action and deliver progress by extending this blueprint globally.
DCF has proactively partnered with the Government of Maharashtra, to make Maharashtra ‘Water Prosperous’ by Year 2019. The ‘Water for All’ mission was communicated to the people through the ‘Sarva Jal Abhiyan’ movement, as a practical action plan towards the dream of a drought-free Maharashtra. ‘Water for All’ is an representative endeavour of DCF striving to effect change in the lives of people; by assisting the government in channelling resources towards the benefit of society.

Delivering Change Foundation
Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) is an independent organization that partners with governments and communities to accomplish nation transformation.
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