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Delivering Change Forum (DC Forum)

Delivering Socio-Economic Transformation using Unique Processes, Mechanisms and Tools

Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) follows a multi-stakeholder consensus based planning and implementation framework to arrive at BIG and FAST results that can be implemented in 3-5 years.

International Partnership & Process
We have partnership with PEMANDU of Malaysia and we use their formal framework called the BIG & FAST RESULTS, their formal planning mechanism called LAB and our DCF’s EMOTIONAL CONNECT PROGRAM  which combines formal and informal tools and mechanisms that together aim to bring about large scale transformations at the City/State/Nation level.

Leading from the front
We like to lead by example and attempt unimaginable and disruptive ideas to achieve transformation. To do this we like to lead from the front and demonstrate our will through investment ($3,3 million) in a pilot project which we have done with Maharashtra on the water sector. This successful pilot planning process has helped us set a precedent for work on other sectors.

Our entire approach is unique as it aims to bring about systemic and structural changes in governance thereby leading to social and economic transformation. We believe in the development of grassroots level networks for women and youth. The two most important social groups that will shape future transformations and who need to rightfully establish their role and exert their responsibility in creating transformations.

Multi-stakeholder participation to ensure inclusion of views, needs and priorities of various stakeholders to create an alignment framework. Participation of Government, Business and NGOs together under a roof in a formal engagement sensitises them to mutual needs and compulsions. This is the first step towards cross stakeholder alignment.

Outreach, Advocacy & Emotional Connect
We use media and other communication channels to create mass scale outreach, assess moods, ensure participation at the same time we use our on-ground, grassroots level network to asses real trends, advocate benefits of the process and create true political and social alignment. This process is called the Emotional Connect Program and is critical across the process from the planning to the implementation and again during monitoring and evaluation.

Scale & Geography
Our processes are universal in their form and can be adopted or adapted to scale and geography. Since we rely on factual research, mood assessment, complete stakeholder alignment we can work in any environment. We have specific experience and tools to develop City, State or Nation.
At the same time we can take up one sector or manage multiple sectors at one time.

Unique Research Methodology
Our processes require the collection, storage and analysis of factual and relevant data. If its not readily available we use techniques and tools to create and validate data. We also assess public perception through varied surveys across communication channels. Our repository is perhaps the most unique as qualify data, actions and impact all at the same time.

Capacity Building
A clear tangible in our process is to build capacity for change. This is critical at the government, business and NGO level. We process approach encourages learning, sharing and sensitising the participants to the various human elements associated with transformation.

Delivering Change Foundation
Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) is an independent organization that partners with governments and communities to accomplish nation transformation.
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