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Delivering Change Forum (DC Forum)

Delivering Maharashtra

DCF's first programme is focused on delivering positive change in Maharashtra, India's second most populous state (112 million). Maharashtra's gross state domestic product (GSDP) and foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows are the highest amongst all Indian states. As India's economic growth has sputtered, Maharashtra has been unable to effectively cater to its people's socio-economic needs. People have grown disillusioned, become unhappy, and witnessed an alarming decrease in quality of life.

Access to clean water is one of the challenges facing the state, and it is a result of:
  • Inefficiencies in infrastructure, planning, and execution of water delivery, water usage, and regulation of water
  • Inequitable distribution of water, which disproportionately hinders development of underdeveloped communities
  • Massive water waste

In Maharashtra DCF initiated Step 1, a large scale community dialogue, Maharashtra's Expectation, to understand people's priorities and expectations for Maharashtra. The dialogue unearthed issues and challenges across 16 different key social and economic sectors, including water, education, and infrastructure. The dialogue was primarily driven by Tanishka - the foundation's woman-to-woman grassroots level network, which has 100,000 members across Maharashtra.

The water issues described above have contributed to Maharashtra's impending drought situation and were discussed during the Maharashtra's Expectation dialogues, and thus the first sector to be worked on is water. DCF named its first program "Water for All" and aims to drastically improve the supply, quality, and equitability of water distribution in Maharashtra. The program includes the transformation of Water for Agriculture, Water Source and Conservation, and Water for Domestic and Industry.

After completing step one of DCF's five-step process, DCF began implementing the multi-stakeholder consensus-based planning process, which is step two of their plan. DCF facilitated a "pre-lab process" consisting of four months of data collection and analysis to understand the current situation in Maharashtra in collaboration with five cabinet water ministers, NGOs, and the corporate sector. Following this process, DCF facilitated a six week lab with 77 participants from 60 organizations from government, NGO, and private sector organizations, facilitated by the DCF Team. The outcome of the Lab was a full report of 32 implementable initiatives to deliver "Water for All" in Maharashtra. These initiatives were accepted by the Government of Maharashtra, which will be operating as the Implementation agency of these initiatives.


Community Engagement (August 2014 – December 2014)
In order to ensure that the top level stakeholder consensus (a consensus between bureaucrats, politicians, and industry) on the Lab initiatives realizes hurdle-free ground level implementation, it is critical to simultaneously engage with other stakeholders, including local communities, grass root networks, and local individuals. This is intended to gather support for the initiatives and create multiple platforms for execution. Thus, after the Lab, the Community Dialogue continues. DCF will be using its partner Sakal Media Group to organize activities for enhancing awareness, including media campaigns and public engagements, starting from the 17th of August in Mumbai and spreading across 35 villages in Maharashtra by December 2014.

Implementation and Execution (September 2014 – December 2015)
DCF will launch the delivery and execution phase of the program as part of this commitment. This will include the establishment of the Delivery Management Office (DMO), dedicated to manage and coordinate with the identified key stakeholders, such as the Government of Maharashtra and the public and private sectors through the implementation phase. As the DMO is set up, the Community Dialogue continues to keep people up to date on the progress with regular publishing of the initiative key performance indicators.

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