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Delivering Change Forum (DC Forum)

Emotional Connect Program


ABOUT- A structured and extensive research based attempt to understand and solve issues faced by people of the state.
IMPACT- Based on their findings, DCF has identified and is driving initiatives to address these issues.

DCF has through its initiative 'Maharashtra's Expectations' made a structured attempt to understand the expectations of the people of Maharashtra about development in different sectors. The discussions not only brought out the issues in various sectors, but also gave the hope that these can be addressed.

It was the first attempt in the State and also the first attempt by the media to understand what the people want. While this brainstorming was on, many people wanted to know, 'what next?'

At a time when everyone only talks about problems rather than solutions, the answer to this question was obvious. DCF’s focus was on finding solutions. Via the 'Delivering Change Program' consisting of structured , extensive research through Call Centre and Online feedback and then an implementation model based on the same.

The Following is a synopsis of the findings of “Maharashtra’s Expectations” In a graphical format

DCF was the first Organization to identify the same in detail and is actively engaged in initiatives to address each one of the above issues.

Delivering Change Foundation
Delivering Change Foundation (DCF) is an independent organization that partners with governments and communities to accomplish nation transformation.
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